Happy Birthday, Kiki!

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Lorn - Weigh Me Down

Music Mondaaaay! Okay this one is a little dark but man, I cannot stop listening. A common problem for me, but still stands :)
And bonus crazy pixel video!!

DM Stith - Pigs (feat the Jefferson Street Band)

More tunes! Sorry, I am just finding so much good stuff lately.
I stumbled upon DM Stith’s work and whoaaaa. Everything is gold, but I just love this arrangement of his song Pigs.

Clark - Future Daniel

I’ve been revisiting a bunch of tunes I haven’t listened to in a while and this is still one of my standout all time favorite songs. I already LOVE Clark, but this track is just exceptionally good. I used to run to this all the time and it made me feel like a superhero.

Kate Boy - In Your Eyes

Tuesdee Tunes!! This jam is giving me a kind of Peter Gabriel meets The Knife vibe that I am super enjoying. Keepin an eye on these guys!

Son Lux - Weapons II

I love remix EPs so much. Variations on the same good song over and over collected all in one place. The perfect Niki music *u*
While I’m still on this Son Lux kick, I am currently obseeeeessssed with this deliciously short opening track off their Weapons EP

Hey, I really love all the music you've been posting! To the point where I have to play it endlessly on repeat to get it out of my head! I was wondering if you could recommend any good sites for listening to excellent mixes and what works best for you when finding new music? Thanks! from kalikopia

Ah wow thank you so much!! I love sharing music, this makes me super happy *u*

I get most of my tunes from Spotify’s radio service! You can put in an artist or track that you enjoy and it will create a radio station tailored to what it thinks you might dig based on your input. I’ve found a LOT of great new songs and artists this way. From there you can also look at a musician’s “Related Artists” list and check out some names you might not recognize. This is seriously addicting haha It’s kind of like how you can get lost clicking from link to link in Wikipedia… Spotify is the same way for me!

Another place I find a lot of new music is from Turntable.fm! I periodically get a group of friends together to DJ for one another on Turntable, and have been introduced to a lot of great stuff! You can check out public rooms as well, they’re organized by genre so you can hop in and listen any time.

And lastly, right here on Tumblr! Fanmixes often have some really excellent stuff in there. So (if you’re feelin brave) try trawling a fave fandom’s tags for mixes! Different genres of show/movie/game/comic have different tones and a lot of mixes will follow those themes stylistically. It’s a lot of fun! The power of fandom compels you!

So go out an check out some tunes!
Hope this is helpful!<3
(and apologies in advance to those of you in countries where these services are unavailable D:)

Yeasayer - Don’t Come Close

So I picked up GTAV along with 99% of the rest of humanity and wow gosh I am rreeaaally into it.
As predicted I spend much of my time coasting down the highway listening to Radio Mirror Park/FlyLo FM being berated by the DJs for being hipster scum (they’re not wrong). This track is naturally a fave of mine, with the added bonus of finding the thought of Trevor driving around listening to Yeasayer hilariously charming

James Blake -  Retrograde

Thursdee Tunes!
I just discovered (re-discovered??) James Blake yesterday and whoooaa! I’ve heard a few of his more electro tracks on dubstep compilations here n there but just found out he released a new album, Overgrown, in April and DANg! I had NO idea he had this whole other layer to his sound like this. What a crazy mix of styles to work together so seamlessly. This whole album is stellar