Anon Asks!

OH WOW I’ve accumulated a handful of these to answer, so I might as well round off my 8000 posts today with some replies!

are you canadian?

ALAS NO, anon. I am merely an enthusiast

Are you and NQN dating?

we are very good friends who also kiss on the mouth (so yes)


waaaah gosh anon you are gonna me blush

you and chelsea are the cutest ever is it creepy to say that?? no i dont think it is wowie u 2 r so. cute. wow. and u have also inspired me not only with your amazing art skills but you reminded me that long distance relationships are hard but theres hope!!! i’m in one now and i can only hope and pray that we will ever be as cute as u 2.

Aaah! That makes me super happy, anon! Thank yoooouu *3*

cries how do you do the long distance thing i just sort of fell into a relationship like that and D:

WELL ANON it is definitely hard, mostly because I am a huge clingy baby haha wehh ;0;)/
Thankfully we are both able to visit eachother every month or two. Even better is we both live in cities with lots of FUN AWESOME SHIT to do! Which I highly recommend. If you ever do get the chance to meet up,do as MUCH FUN STUFF AS POSSIBLE with what little time together you’ve got. The fun memories and photos and goodtimes will get you thru many a rough night. This may sound like dumb advice, but it can be super tempting to just sit inside and watch tv on the couch together all day. Which, I mean, I also recommend :)
It is definitely financially taxing, but I mean of course it’s worth the cost if you’ve got the means. But that’s not to say that’s the only way to do it! When we’re back home we keep in touch aaAALL the time. Which may not be the norm for most folks, but at least drop a nice email or text their way :) wOW SORRY this is sappy as hell but I FEEL YOUR PAIN, ANON. So anything I can do to help.

Just, bottom line, it ain’t impossible for sure! It’s not for everybody, but it’s certainly not impossible.

warning sappy heartwarming asks ahead anon asks replies ldr

  1. not-quite-normal said: Gaaaaaaaaay
  2. emberjams said: Oh my goodness my two favourite artists are in loves~! Eee that’s so cute! I wish you guys so much happiness and many many good times together <3333
  3. tribute27 said: beautiful babs ;u;
  4. ironychan said: You guys ARE adorable. Especially the little posts you made about it with the illustrations OMG.
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