Black Atlass - Blossom

Somethin’ chill for your Wednesday! I love the bouncy synth plinking across the laid back R&B feel of this track, such a fun combo.

black atlass tunes

Wild Beasts - Wanderlust

I’ve been trying to think up something to write up about this track for a few days now but am still drawing a blank. The tune, the lyrics, the video even! Aaugh! I seriously cannot stop listening to it. To the extent that I literally made a playlist with just this song on it so I could loop it all day. This is how I enjoy music, because I am insane.

Wild Beasts tunes

SOHN - The Wheel

TUESDEE TUNES! Stumbled upon SOHN’s new album and pretty much EVERY track on it is amazing. This came on the radio and I threw my laundry on the floor mid-fold to run see what it was.

SOHN tunes

Glasser - Apply

In looooove with this song right now! And as luck would have it I’m working from home, which means I can sing along all day.

tunes glasser