Happy Birthday, Kiki!

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Clark - Future Daniel

I’ve been revisiting a bunch of tunes I haven’t listened to in a while and this is still one of my standout all time favorite songs. I already LOVE Clark, but this track is just exceptionally good. I used to run to this all the time and it made me feel like a superhero.

Kate Boy - In Your Eyes

Tuesdee Tunes!! This jam is giving me a kind of Peter Gabriel meets The Knife vibe that I am super enjoying. Keepin an eye on these guys!

So I was chatting with my dear lovely Lindsay a few days ago we got to talking about these early lil character sketches I did for Wanda in Baman Piderman! Lindsay asked me to toss around some ideas with her when she was creating Wanda and I totally forgot to ever upload em here! This was back when she was a little more of a literal interpretation of the ice theme, but a couple elements stuck! What a fun character, eeeek *u*