SOHN - The Wheel

TUESDEE TUNES! Stumbled upon SOHN’s new album and pretty much EVERY track on it is amazing. This came on the radio and I threw my laundry on the floor mid-fold to run see what it was.

SOHN tunes

Glasser - Apply

In looooove with this song right now! And as luck would have it I’m working from home, which means I can sing along all day.

tunes glasser

Squarepusher x Z-MACHINES - Sad Robot Goes Funny

Spotify has been playing me a bunch of old Squarepusher recently and man! Blast from the past! Prompted me to check out some of his recent work and apparently he just came out with a new album last month of music written by him and performed by ACTUAL ROBOTS??
1) This song is so good
2) This video is so cool

tunes squarepusher Z-MACHINES

Thanks for all your helpful suggestions folks! I tried em all but Photoshop was having none of it. But lots of them will probably help prevent this in the future.
I’m wasting more time trying to salvage this work than it’d take to just do it over again sooo. RIP my afternoon.

thanks tho!!