Kumail Nanjiani's The X-Files Files

Hello friends, I am here to tell you about my current favorite thing in the world: Kumail Nanjiani's podcast The X-Files Files!!

He and his guests discuss two episodes per week with the intention of completing the whole series from start to finish! It’s aimed at both longtime fans and newcomers to the series so you don’t need to have seen the show to enjoy. In fact, might be even MORE fun to watch along with them!! Lots of fun discussion of the show, the characters, its development, its cultural significance then and now, nineties nostalgia, and the history of evolving fan culture!! As the podast has gained popularity it has opened up doors for him to talk with people involved in the show’s creation (like Dean Haglund!! and Mark Snow!!) and their stories are SO GOOD!!

As a huuuuge X-Files fan and somebody who got their nerdy start reading X-Files fan fiction online back in like 1997, everything about this podcast is THE BEST.

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Feed Me - Without Gravity

I saw Feed Me (for the third time!) at Terminal 5 on Saturday and shiiiiit does he put on the best show ;0; I have been playing his new EP on repeat ever since.

Also, the visuals during Alarm Clock looked like Wheatley and my drunk, excitable self was SOOOooo pleased by this. Bless.

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Black Atlass - Blossom

Somethin’ chill for your Wednesday! I love the bouncy synth plinking across the laid back R&B feel of this track, such a fun combo.

black atlass tunes

Wild Beasts - Wanderlust

I’ve been trying to think up something to write up about this track for a few days now but am still drawing a blank. The tune, the lyrics, the video even! Aaugh! I seriously cannot stop listening to it. To the extent that I literally made a playlist with just this song on it so I could loop it all day. This is how I enjoy music, because I am insane.

Wild Beasts tunes